AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri in Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016

Today i am going to describe Set and Get AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri and uses of AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri. This will apply on all the exchange version starting from 2007 as autodiscover concept has started from Exchange 2007 Version.

AutodiscoverServiceInternalUri is the the internal URL of the Autodiscover service. While Outlook trying to connect with different Autodiscover methods, Service Connection Point stands first, Most of the cases as internal autodiscover is specified, Outlook takes the internal url as a priority. We must update the InternalURLs, and AutodiscoverServiceInternalURI to match the certificate FQDN in SAN (Subject alternate name).

Here is how outlook try to look at Exchange server.

1 Client looks for the SCP object.

2 Trying to connect if it fails then it will look at for trying to connect

If all the predefined URLs failed, Outlook will try the HTTP redirect method (we will cover soon redirect method in next post).

3 Trying to connect

4 If still failed, we can use DNS SRV lookup for, then “” returned. Outlook will ask permission from the user to continue with AutoDiscover to post to

Here in Step 4 when it try to connect, it will look at the AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri and SCP value.

Autodiscover uses an Active Directory object called the service connection point (SCP) to retrieve a list of AutoDiscover URLs for the forest in which Exchange is installed. When you install Exchange, you need to update the SCP object to point to the Exchange server. This is necessary because Exchange servers provide additional AutoDiscover information to clients to improve the discovery process.
You must update the SCP object configuration on every Exchange server in the organization. You need to use the version of the Exchange Management Shell that corresponds to the version of the Exchange servers you’re updating.

Get–WebServicesVirtualDirectory | fl

There is two Value will be Keyword and servicebindinginformation.


The same value what it is in ServiceBindingInformation is there we need to put in AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri, we can set AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri value in CAS server with below comandLine. We should not forget to miss those entry in our Certificate on cas server.

In last check if outlook is fetching correct XML url by running Running Test E-Mail AutoConfiguration

Hope this helps your query.


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