Managing Users and Passwords -Office 365 

Managing Users and Passwords Office 365
Before starting:

This guide will show you how to create a new user account from scratch in Office 365, and will also show you how to set or reset a password for your user.

Ensure that you have received the email from the Microsoft Online Services Team, which contains your username and password for the Office 365 system and that you are able to login to the system successfully.

You will first need to ensure that your domain is linked to Office 365, this guide should take you through that process.

Add New User:

Once logged into Office 365 as an administrator, click the Admin Centre to load the application.

On the home page, click Add a user.

Type the user’s name and their username into the boxes provided, the username will be the first half of their email address (eg: forename.surname). Ensure the correct domain name is also selected against their username.


You can let Office 365 autogenerate a password or you can select Let me create the password and then type a strong password for the user.

Note: The password you assign will need to be changed after 90 days. You can also choose Make this user change their password when they first sign in.

Because you are the admin, you’ll get a copy of the user’s temporary password. If you want the this new Office 365 user to get a copy of this email, in the Email the new password to the following recipients box, be sure to enter an email address that the person currently has access to. Don’t send the email to their new Office 365 email address because they won’t be able to get it. You can enter up to 5 email addresses separated by semicolons.

If you want to assign the user admin privileges, expand the Roles section and choose Global admin, or choose Customized administrator to see more options.

Expand the Product licenses section to see the subscriptions that can be assigned to this person. Switch the toggle to the On position for the license you want to assign to this user. By default, all services associated with that license are automatically assigned to the user.

Tip: To limit which services are available to the user, switch the toggles to the Off position for the services that you want to remove for that user. For example, if you want the user to have access to all available services except Skype for Business Online, you can switch the toggle for the Skype for Business Online service to the Off position.

Everyone who you designated to get an email notification will get an email from Microsoft Online Services Team.

After you’ve added people to Office 365, you need to tell them about their Office 365 sign in information. Use your normal process for communicating new passwords.

Password Management:

The following instructions will enable you to set up a password for a user you created during the Office 365 set-up wizard, or to change the password should the user have forgotten this.

Once logged into Office 365 as the administrator, click the Admin Centre to load the application.

On the home page, click Users.

On the Active users page, choose one or more users, and then choose Reset password.

Follow the instructions to set or auto-generate a new password. You can tick the box named Make this user change their password when they first sign-in, to ensure the user then chooses their own new password.

Click Reset to change the password.

The password has now been reset.

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