Emails is getting stuck on Hub server towards EDGE Server

Verify and Check communication between HUB and EDGE, check if Subscription is fine. If your organization only contains a single Active Directory site, the send connector should look like this:


Test-EdgeSynchronization -VerifyRecipient

command to check  the synchronization status of the single recipient

Check if self-sign Certificate got expired on exchedge01 server.

Renewed Self sign certificate on exchedge01 server and assigned service SMTP, After renewing Cert, Subscription needed for edge server, Even after renewing the cert and after subscription mail flow was not working as it was throwing error Like “Edge Sync service cannot connect to this subscription because of error “The LDAP server is unavailable.”.”

Insured port is listening from Hub to Edge on 50636 on both edge server, Test by telnet command.

Resubscribed it but same LDAP error 🙁

The only trick was by jumping on other HUB server and Subscribed it again ,Queue are normal now on HUB as well as on Edge for Journal emails,



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