Adding and Verifying a Domain for the Office 365

After you have finished Signing up for the NEW Office 365, you are issued a Microsoft Office 365 Tenant account. From this account, you will want to add your public domain. This will allow Microsoft to host the desired Office 365 services for you and will allow you to use you own domain, rather than the tenant domain account ( default account.

The process should be quite easy and painless as long as you have access to the Microsoft Online Portal, with a Global Admin account, and access to your public facing DNS.


Verify your domain

  1. Choose Settings, then Domains in the Office 365 Admin center. (Be sure to sign in to Office 365 first.)
  2. In the domains section, click Add domain to start the wizard.
  3. Add the domain you want to use, and click Next.
  4. Follow the steps in the wizard to add the record that verifies to Office 365 that you own the domain. You can also follow the link to step-by-step instructions for your registrar if you get stuck. Click Verify to continue.

Click Setup then Domains in the left navigation pane
Enter your public domain name and hit enter,
Domain verification needs to be completed by adding a TXT or MX record into your public facing DNS. This is critical to verify ownership of the domain. In most cases the safest and method is to add the TXT record.
Office 365 will automatically set up email and other services for you.
Login to your public DNS provider and enter the TXT record specified by Microsoft. I choose to use GoDaddy
  1. After the TXT record has been added you can go back to the Office 365 Portal site. Click the Done, verify now button



  2. Once the domain is verified, click Finish


  3. Click Start Step 2


  4. At this point you have the option to add user accounts. Depending on what your plans are, you can add them manually, with a CSV file or at a later date. For this post, I elected to not add any users at this time.


  5. Click Next


  6. Click Start Step 3


  7. We have to set the purpose of the domain. For this post, we are going to select Exchange Online and Lync Online. This is the default configuration and the most common. I am also going to leave the on-premise mailbox option unchecked at this point as well. We can change this later.


  8. Click Next


  9. At this point we are supplied a list of DNS records that will have to be added for the Office 365 Services to work. Depending on your DNS setup (split brain); these will have to be entered into your public and private DNS.

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